African BBQ

This week INSEAD had another international week and this week was African week. They’d been having complimentary African breakfasts, the movie Tsotsi showing on Weds night, African dinner on Thursday night, authentic t-shirts/tunics, and African BBQ tonight. I didn’t get to go to the other things except tonight’s BBQ especially since it was really close by, at the BBQ pit right behind our tower.

Today I had another full day of training but luckily got out early, a little after 4:30. We had a quiz which was self-graded =D plus an evaluation where I wrote down a few comments about how I wish the classes could be more tailored to the individual. To me it was so much generic information trying to get people to feel and act a certain way. Almost like force-feeding… I still think that most of the ideas they talked about should already be ingrained in a person who chose healthcare as their career. I’m glad to have had the experience though to especially meet other new employees. We exchanged contact information so I hope we will be able to keep in touch.

Tonight, Joyce and Alex joined us in the BBQ. We had lots of sausages, corn, jerky, beer, and bread. It started to drizzle around 10:30 so everyone started to leave. Wouter took this picture for me and Joyce:

We spent the rest of the evening at home and watched a Korean film called “The King and the Clown”. It’s a film I don’t quite get. I think I’ll need to either watch it again or just forget it. It was just plain weird.

Sigh… tomorrow = more studying.

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