Golf and Mexican Food

We went to the driving range this afternoon to relax after a busy Friday. Ron’s classmate arranged the trip so we met up with him at the Jurong East MRT station. We went first to a store called “Cash Converters” which is sort of like a pawn shop except I don’t know if you can buy back your stuff after you pawn it. They had used golf clubs for S$3-5 each or a set for S$30. What a great idea for beginners and so cheap!

We walked over toward the Jurong Country Club to the driving range. It was a 2-tier driving range and we decided to stay at the bottom.

Here’s the view from my seat:

Ron peeling off the label of our newly purchased golf club:

Oh, they had these guys manually collecting balls with only an umbrella as their protection, kind of dangerous if you ask me…

Our flatmate Justine gave me some good tips on how to hit the ball, although I still didn’t hit so far. She was at the end where the mirrors surround you so you can watch yourself hit to check out your form:

I haven’t made up my mind yet if I like golf or not. I think maybe I’ll need a few lessons first. We realize if we do continue, we need to buy golf gloves as our hands hurt afterwards.

We had dinner plans at a restaurant called Margaritas which ends up being located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Ron’s classmate Nitin and his wife Nimisha are Singapore natives so this is probably the only way anyone would find this restaurant. Timo and Elina also joined for dinner.

It smelled wonderful when we walked it. I didn’t realize that I missed Mexican food until we smelled the grilled fajitas and tried their salsa. Elina chose a jug of the mango margaritas to share:

Timo and I ordered the kitchen sink burrito, although not hand held but required a knife and fork to eat, it was delicious!

Ron, Nitin, and Elina had a chimichangas (they have beef, chicken, and veggie):

Nimisha ordered the fish burrito:

We were plenty stuffed after the meal and are looking forward to going back when we have a craving for Mexican food.

In front – Ron and Timo
Sides – Jen and Nitin
In back – Nimisha and Elina

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