Green Tea and Chocolate Madeleines

I attempted to make healthy madeleines for our NYE dinner dessert but they didn’t quite turn out as I would’ve liked. But thought I’d share my experiment.

I purchased the green tea (matcha) powder from Lupicia, which is around $15 for 100 grams, so that I could try this green tea madeleine recipe found here. I won’t post what I did (unless someone really wants to know) until I tweak it a bit to make it more acceptable. The cookies turned out a bit dry and not quite enough green tea flavor.

I originally was going to make lavender madeleines but then changed them to chocolate using dark chocolate cocoa powder. These also turned out a bit dry, perhaps due to overbaking. Using agave nectar, you’re supposed to bake a bit longer but I think I may have overdone it and dried out the cake.

In these recipes I tried using whole wheat flour and agave sweetener to make them healthier but I will continue to experiment and hopefully come out with a better tasting madeleine.

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