Hairstyle like daddy

Day 210

Simon had a crazy hairstyle when he woke up this morning. Kind of like daddy’s crazy hair, a bit curly and wavy. Simon’s hair is still very fine though and I hope it doesn’t get too coarse. I think his hair color is more like mine, more brownish than black.

Apparently Simon was a bit of a fussy baby today and didn’t want to nap. He even went to the baby gym again today and used up a lot of energy but couldn’t settle down to sleep.

Here he looks like he wants to go to sleep but instead he sees Ron and tries to move toward him. Simon hasn’t really figured out the coordination for crawling yet but he can move himself forward kind of like a inchworm.

Today Ron and Simon didn’t actually get to attend the baby gym class because the owner told him the wrong time so again they played with the equipment and will attend the class on Friday instead. At least they have been letting Simon play for free during these open gym sessions so we’ll see how he likes the class to see which gym we’ll participate in.

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