Looking good in my orange shorts

Day 211

Do I look cute in my orange shorts and wife-beater tank?

Practicing my flying pose.

Simon prefers to stand up even though he can’t do it by himself yet. I hope we’re not giving him a false sense that he is able to walk on his own since we always support him so he won’t fall and hurt himself. Here he is using Ron’s arm as a support so that he can stand and play with his toys.

When he stands without us, it is usually him leaning against something. Here he is leaning against his activity table. But if he tries to move his legs, he will topple over since he is only be supported by his stomach against the table and the friction of the legs on the floor keeping the table from moving.

Simon is starting to like rattles more, shaking them all about. Here is his set of “keys” but he has another rattle which he really likes that he will try to crawl toward.

Apparently Simon tried to stand up in his bassinet so Ron had to remove it to let Simon sleep at the bottom of the Pack’n’Play. This seems like it will be killer for my back as I lean down to put him to bed, especially since he is so heavy. But what can you do? It’s safer for him to sleep on the bottom so that he won’t try to crawl out and fall and hurt himself.

Simon looks so funny in this picture to me. It’s like his bottle is a crown or a sword and he’s declaring that he is the king… yet sticking out his tongue and has droplets of milk in his hair.

Another rattle he likes… especially to chew on. His teeth are starting to come out more so are probably “itching” him.

Nom Nom!

As daddy likes to put it: Simon playing with his balls.

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