Happy Friday

Friday, October 18, 2013

Iris is always the happiest when waking up in the morning. She doesn’t cry out but just makes some little sounds and when she sees you, she breaks out in her little grin.

Today I had birthday celebration #2 with my co-workers at our Children’s Hospital Primary Care pharmacy. My dad brought me a dozen beautiful red roses.

Then we went to eat at Koryo Jajang. They have a combo of half Jajang noodles and half spicy noodle soup. It was yummy but a lot of noodles! Be sure to ask for extra spicy if you like it hot. Thanks again Dad for the lunchtime treat and the beautiful flowers!

My little princess waiting for me at home. She had a good time in both her bouncers.


I love watching her little hands exploring all the toys on these bouncers.

Happy it’s Friday!


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