Puppy Simon

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today I was taken out to lunch by my co-workers in Chinatown. I had one of my favorite noodle soups, bun bo hue, a spicy broth with white noodles, pork meat, and pork blood. I haven’t had a good bowl of this Vietnamese noodle since I moved out of Stockton so it’s been more than 10 years! This one was pretty good but next time I would ask for a little more spice.

Then we went back to the pharmacy to have some red velvet cake.

I was lucky to have my dad and brother be able to come celebrate with me. Thanks Dad for the lunch treat!

It wasn’t just my birthday, my co-worker’s birthday is next week too so we shared cake cutting/serving duties. Oh, and I’m wearing my Hello Kitty sweater since there are two other obsessed ladies who work with me there. Hi Cici and Lien!

My sweet little munchkin waiting for me at home.

Simon did some pretty cool art projects at school today. He made a glittery fan.


Plus this tree from dried leaves he picked at the nearby park.

Tomorrow they make chicken dumplings so I hope he has fun and enjoys eating them.

Tonight Simon pretended to be a little puppy by walking on all fours and panting with his tongue sticking out. Silly puppy Simon!


1 thought on “Puppy Simon

  1. Lien Nguyen

    Happy belated birthday Jennifer!! Lunch was fun and the cake was so good! (Thanks Cici) Where are your hello kitty presents? and for the record, we are not obsessed =) Right, Cici? Well thanks for the shout out!!

    <3 Lien

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