Heading back to Singapore…

Today we flew left Macau and had a 4 hour layover at the Manila airport in the Philippines. Since we had such a long layover, we thought we could take some time to leave the airport to see the city a little bit but the staff at the airport kept on suggesting that we shouldn’t leave or else we’d miss our flight. The airport also had very high security, they have all these blockades and security checking you in where you entered and exited. It was a rather frustrating few hours and boring. But we passed the time and boarded the plane back to Singapore.

We arrived with twice as much luggage as we left with and of course purchased our allotment of alcohol from the airport (1 Liter of liquor, 1 Liter of wine, 1 Liter of beer per person).

We have one day to relax before having to head back to work and school.

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