Second day in Macau, Last day of vacation

Today is our last day of vacation before we head back to Singapore tomorrow. We had the breakfast buffet this morning at our hotel before taking the hotel shuttle bus to the Macau Jockey Club. From there we could walk to different sites.

We visited the Four Faces Buddha, Macau Stadium, Tin Hua & Pak Tai Temples, and Rua de Cunha. The temples had very these very interesting incense hanging from the ceiling.

We ended up at the Taipa Houses Museum which showcases a Macanese House, a House of the Islands, a House of the Portuguese Regions, and an Exhibition Gallery.

We had lunch at a restaurant called Pana. We had mussels, Portuguese chicken, and seafood fried rice.

The funny (but maybe gross) thing was that Ron found a baby crab inside one of his mussels. I guess the mussel was having a meal when it was caught.

After lunch we got totally lost again. We really couldn’t figure out the bus system. We were trying to go to the Go Karting place but ended up on the wrong island. So we ended up just visiting the casinos. We visited Hotel Lisboa, Wynn, and MGM.

MGM just opened but only one of its towers. They were passing out free juices of calimansi and orange plus water. And you know where there are Chinese people and free stuff, there’s a swarm. It was hard to get our hands on these but it was worth it because they were quite refreshing after breathing all the smoke in the casinos.

Afterwards we headed to the Ferry Terminal again to take the free shuttle to the Venetian. We were in search of a good casino buffet but none of the other hotels have one, we hoped that Venetian wouldn’t let us down.

A view of our hotel (Grand Waldo) from the Venetian, very very bright!

We went shopping for a bit at the Venetian Canal Shoppes and it’s huge! Much bigger than Las Vegas. It was a good way to kill some time before we had our dinner and I also got to shop at a great Hello Kitty store called Ki La Ra.

We were happy though to find a buffet at Bambu Asian Feast. They had prime rib, fresh seafood, and mostly Asian food but the desserts were my favorite. Ron only shared the 1st plate with me, the other 2 plates I ate myself… 😛

After a satisfying meal, we headed back to our hotel by taxi and played video games until 11pm. Ron is out gambling a bit and I’m going to sleep. We leave in the morning for Singapore.

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