Hello Kitty Bear Spirit

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Iris is a bit of a bed hog. She usually ends up kicking me so she can stretch out. But she’s too cute to move and disturb.

DIY Lunchables. Surprisingly, Simon likes salami. He usually says things with too much pepper or spices aren’t good but he likes salami. He also had some delicious strawberries and raspberries.

Go Bears!

Simon going to bed. We were very strict with Simon always sleeping in his own bed so he has not complained much about sleeping by himself except for a short time when he was about 1.5 years old. It’s harder with Iris since I don’t want her crying to wake up Simon. It would be a very difficult morning with two sleep deprived kids. But I know we’ll have to work through it somehow, I just haven’t figured out how yet.
This evening, Iris was sneezing and had a runny nose. After bath, she went to sleep fine but woke up an hour later all stuffed up with mucus running out of her nose. She was very unhappy and wouldn’t calm down. We cleared her nose but that made her more angry so Ron ended up driving her around in the car to calm her and let her rest a bit. Definitely not a good time for sleep training.

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