School Celebration

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today at Simon’s school, they were having a celebration and all families were invited to attend the musical performance, playing at the park, and for a picnic lunch before their naptime. I packed quesadillas, pears, apples, raspberries, and strawberries for our lunch.

The kids sang and performed seven songs in Mandarin. It was so fun for me to watch and see that Simon was so happy. I recorded most of the performance on my phone but haven’t had time to upload it yet.

Afterwards, everyone walked to the mini park right near the school for some playtime. Playing in the sand is one of Simon’s favorite outdoor activities.

Then walking back with friends to use the restroom, wash hands, and retrieve lunch for the picnic.

Simon’s favorite way to eat raspberries.

Simon was sad when I had to leave and go to work. He didn’t want to stay for nap and wanted to come with me. He said he could be patient and wait at my work until work was over. But I had to leave and he cried which made me sad but it was a wonderful morning at school.

Iris had a much better day with her cold. She was still congested and her nose started running again in the evening. But no fever and less fussy so I think she’s on the road to recovery.

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