Hello from Florence, Italy

Ron and I have been traveling… and without a steady internet connection or a stable computer for us to be writing about our travels. But we are in a hotel that has free wireless now so I thought I would write something very quick. We are in Florence, Italy right now after having taken the train in from Rome. We have aching feet from all the walking but it has all been worth it. We will have lots of beautiful pictures to share when we return to our condo in Singapore and where we will have continuous access to the internet.. yay.

I am using an Italian keyboard so I have no idea how to use the apostrophe and exclamation mark… so notice no apostrophes and I cannot exclaim happiness… hehe…

Alright, time to share the wireless connection with someone else… until next time.

1 thought on “Hello from Florence, Italy

  1. kam/dad

    having fun? see you guys soon back in the United State. Please confirm the exact date and time you will arrive.

    Love, Dad

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