Rome to Firenze (Florence)

We caught to train at 8:30am and arrived around 10am. First thing we had to do was find an internet cafe to book a hotel. We booked our hotel then showed up and the guy was shocked that we *just* booked! A room wasn’t ready yet so we used their free internet before heading out to see some sights. It starting raining pretty hard so we tried to find a restaurant for lunch.

We ended up at Mercado Centrale and I had a huge pizza for only 7.5 Euros while Ron had tortellini with ham and peas. Again, it’s strange, but they charge 1.5 Euros per person as “cover charge”. We went back to the hotel to check-in and get some advice about where we should go.

We walked to San Marco to buy tickets ahead for Accademia and Uffizi. We reserved Uffizi tickets for tomorrow at 9:30am, it cost 14 Euros per person plus a reservation fee of 4 Euros… I guess it beats waiting for hours in a line. We didn’t want to pay the reservation for Accademia so we tried to go see how long the line was today and it was too long so we left.

We went to the P’za del Duomo to see the campanile but we were too tired to climb up. It cost 6 Euros anyways so we thought we’d save it for gelato!

We headed to Bargello to try to see the bronze David but it was 7 Euros to enter. We thought that we should only go to museums that had more to offer so we skipped this one too. Instead we went to find the famous Vivoli gelateria. For a small cup was 2.2 Euros and we tried pear with caramel and banana. The caramel with the pear was a delicious combination.

We tried to see S. Croce but it was already closed so we walked to the Uffizi to see the outside loggia of the statues. We went back to the hotel where I napped all night while Ron fixed his computer, did the laundry, and brought home dinner. We had kabobs, fries, and falafel plus a bubbly wine. I think I just really needed the rest. We are about halfway through our trip and it’s involved lots of walking and uncomfortable train rides. It was good to rest.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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