Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear and Ice Monster

Our pharmacy has decided to extend their inpatient hours so that it is consistent throughout the week. It used to only be open Mon thru Fri 8am-5pm, Sat and Sun 8am-2pm. Then they slowly extended hours the last few months so it’ll be open 7 days a week, 7am-5pm. I happened to be scheduled to work today the mid-shift 9:30am-3pm. The workload today was okay but we didn’t really get time for lunch, only a 15 minute break so I came home really hungry. I ate quickly then went to take a nap.

I didn’t wake up until 7pm. We went out to Plaza Singapura because I wanted to go to Made With Love to buy some crafting supplies. At Plaza Singapura, we passed by the Build-a-Bear and saw that they have two Hello Kitty Build-a-Bears!! I’m going to have to build them both before I leave Singapore… they don’t have them in US anymore because when I went back, I checked and they didn’t have them anymore. The newest one is the Tropical Kitty where she has a tan 🙂

We had dinner in Basement Level 2. We ate at Ice Monster which is famous for their shaved ice desserts, especially the Durian and Mango one. We didn’t have one though since I wasn’t in the mood for shaved ice. Instead we had their hot food.

We had the ja jyang mian which was only okay. The sauce was a bit runny so it didn’t stick to the noodles so it wasn’t very flavorful.

We also had the spicy beef noodles which weren’t spicy at all. The meat also had a bit too much tendon for Ron’s taste. The soup was not bad but could have done with a bit more spice.

We shared the mango popiah which is stuffed with mango and pork floss. Ron thought there wasn’t enough pork floss and the mango was a bit too sweet. It’s the same fruit they use on the shaved ice so I agreed it was a bit too sweet. But it’s a lighter option compared to the other dishes.

We had a hard time catching a taxi home so now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Back to work again tomorrow… it’s Monday.. ack!

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