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Today I spent a lovely day out with one little hiccup.

I work tomorrow so wanted to enjoy a day relaxing. Joyce also wanted to do some shopping we we headed out together. We met up at Bugis MRT station so I could show her Arab Street and see some local, although touristy, stores. I discovered this store called Utopia a few months ago and although some of their clothes are a bit “loud”, the are unique, comfortable, and pretty.

After Arab Street we headed 2 streets over to Haji Lane see if the boutiques were open. They weren’t and this is where we had a little hiccup today. As we were walking down the street, we were trying to avoid a parked van, I walked right and I felt something hit my left foot but I then walked left to follow Joyce around the other way. I just thought it was a rock until we started walking further down and my left foot felt wet. I looked down to see the sole of my sandal covered with blood. These nice shop owners saw my predicament and offered me a chair and to use their bathroom to wash my foot. I dried off as much blood with tissues first then ran my foot under water for 5 minutes. It stopped bleeding quickly and I pulled out my alcohol swabs and bandaids from my handy bag. She likened to me to Doraemon who has a “magical” bag with lots of stuff. So I patched myself up and we went in search of the nail… I found it with a bit of blood on it. I got a bit scared when I first saw it but I had my tetanus booster only a few years back so I’m fine but will watch myself for the next few days just to be sure. It doesn’t hurt or anything when walking since it’s in the arch of my foot. Joyce captured the moment for me.

We headed over to Bugis Junction to take a little rest and have some lunch. We went to Ministry of Food so we could enjoy their yummy desserts. Their food is pretty good too. Joyce and I ordered the set meals which includes rice, soup, a side dish, coffee or tea, and you can top up an additional $3 for a dessert that costs less than or equal to $6.50.

I ordered the seafood toji (a sort of egg dish) with fried chicken on the side.

Joyce ordered the unagi with vegetables. It included fried chicken but since she doesn’t eat chicken, after some convincing, the chef agreed to give her more mushrooms and carrots instead.

I ordered the green tea imo (one sweet yam, one taro) served with soft serve and green matcha sauce. I love those fried potatoes…

Joyce ordered the mango mini gelato. The ice cream had a really nice flavor.

The wait staff today was a bit new so the service was a bit slow but we had an enjoyable lunch anyways and had enough fuel to last for the rest of the day.

We went over to Bugis Village which is like a covered outdoor market for clothing, accessories, collectibles, and beauty treatments. We walked around a bit inside since it was raining pretty hard and went to check out the prices of the eyelash extensions 😀 There is one shop where it costs about $45 for the glue-on type (which I did) and $48 for some Korean eyelash weave (which I don’t know much about but is supposed to last longer, the ad says 100 days).

We stayed there until about 5pm before heading over to Marina Square to catch our planned movie. We took the MRT over there and did a bit of shopping and rested a bit. Siew Woon met up with us at the theater and we watched “Made of Honor”. It was a cute movie, reminiscent of “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.


After the movie, we looked around for a place for dinner. We ended up at Han’s Cafe which is sort of a self-serve/full-serve restaurant. You order and pay at the counter then sit down and they serve you. A bit weird. I ordered the set meal fish & chips which included a drink (coffee/tea/water), soup of the day, and dessert. The soup of the day was some sort of creamed carrot. The dessert ended up being once slice of watermelon! That can be a dessert but when you look at their delicious dessert case, you expect a piece of pie or cake, not fruit. The menu should’ve just said fruit 😛

The fish was very greasy but the price for the meal wasn’t bad, I think it was less than $10. By 10pm, the place was closing so they were subtly trying to kick us out by mopping the floor around us and closing the gates.. they eventually did come over and ask us if we were done so we decided to leave.

Gotta work tomorrow… sigh…

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