Homemade Banana Bread

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I shopped in Oakland Chinatown yesterday during lunch and bought a whole bunch of fruits for Iris to make more baby food. She is a good eater and has been eating right through our freezer supply. So last night she had fresh mango and I made a whole new batch of apple puree. Then I had a little bit of energy left to put together the ingredients for banana bread in the bread maker. Here is the result.

The house definitely smelled delicious in the morning.

Iris seemed to enjoy it.

Since I was up making Iris’ food, I woke up late so Ron made Simon’s lunch. Chicken quesadilla with red seedless grapes and steamed broccoli.

Apparently Simon really liked the quesadilla since he ate the whole thing but left most of the grapes and did not touch his broccoli. I hope he’s not getting too bored with his lunches. I still have yet to try making musubi… I’ll need to get on that soon.

Anyone under there!?!


I said that Iris is a good eater, want to see proof? Check out her little belly in this Hello Kitty outfit! Thank you Auntie Tiffany for the cute purple Hello Kitty sweatshirt!

I’m glad our kiddo is no longer afraid of trying to draw. Daddy drew an example of an airplane and Simon is trying to replicate it. He did a pretty good job I think.

Simon was not eager to have me take a photo of him tonight. I asked him nicely if I could take a picture of him today and this was his response. Possibly a prelude to that disgusted look that teenagers are famous for.

Back to Iris’ eating habits… so far Iris has tried the following foods:
apple, pear, banana, strawberries, blueberries, papaya, clementines, mango, avocado, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon
zucchini, spinach, broccoli, corn, carrot, butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potato, leek
chicken, tilapia, salmon, yogurt, cottage cheese, creamy Havarti (cheese), freeze dried yogurt snacks for babies
rice, different types of noodles, white bread, banana bread, baby puffs and other snacks, mantou (white steamed bun), oatmeal

She is starting to like more textured things but prefers it not to be “sticky”. She gets angry if it sticks to her mouth and cries out. Once she gets some water though then she is usually okay. She will also let you know when she doesn’t like something and shut her mouth and turn her head away from the spoon. She is cautious at times and will only open her mouth a little bit to taste the food first before taking a bigger mouthful. Smart girl.

I think that is everything… any suggestions for other things I can try with her? I feel like she may be getting a bit bored. Her doctor says I should let her try peanuts (with Benadryl nearby) soon to see if she will have a reaction and to help it so she will not have a reaction in the future. I haven’t been brave enough to try it but my “window” for the optimum time to expose her is closing… maybe this weekend…

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