Homemade Bread

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I pulled out my mini 1 lb breadmaker to bake some bread for Iris. She loves baby puff snacks so seems to like starches. She will choose puffs over eating rice or noodles so I thought she might like some fresh baked bread. I started with plain white bread.


“Hmm? What’s this?” (It’s some of the crust cut off into a small stick.)

“Let’s taste it…”

“Yum!” *happily sucking and gnawing*

It was a big hit not only with Iris, but also with Simon who enjoyed some for breakfast. By the end of the breakfast, half the loaf was gone and we finished off the rest for dinner. The loaf of bread is small so it’s good that we can have fresh bread that will only last 1-2 days and then we can try a new recipe. Not sure what will be next, maybe banana bread…

For lunch, Simon had mini hot dog buns, carrots, clementines, and some holiday gummy snacks (from Target’s after Christmas sale!).

Iris’ new favorite place is standing up and holding onto the side of her play bins.

Looking cute crawling around.

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