Hyang To Gol

Today I had a good sleep until 10am before heading to INSEAD to do some studying for my upcoming Forensic Exam for my pharmacist license, it’s on December 1st! Studying is not really a fun way to spend the holiday but I had to or else I’d never get through all the material. Ron had class from 2 to 5pm anyways so it’s not like we could’ve done much.

But we did go to this excellent Korean restaurant called Hyang To Gol which was recommended by one of Ron’s Korean classmates. Alex joined us for dinner there as well and we were so stuffed! But the food was very nice. But like Korean food usually is, a bit on the expensive side but the service was good. It’s recommended to make a reservation and they do have private rooms which you can pay additional for. The service is pretty quick and thorough, they even BBQ the meet for you and serve it to you.

So where do I start?

First was drinks, lemon soju, basically soju poured over freshly cut lemons. They also had cucumber soju which I liked better, more refreshing. I think it was $30 each “pitcher”.

My favorites are always the “kimchee” they serve you, many many small plates of appetizers:

Green onion pancake, marinated mushrooms, chili crab legs, green salad, kimchee, some sort of green bean or green onion, potato salad, another kimchee, turnip, cold cucumber soup.

My pictures didn’t turn out so well but the food was really delicious!

The sauces (from top: sesame, soybean, soy-hot):

These are BBQ Beef Ribs (Yangnyeom-Galbi):

Something new to us, a kimchee with pork pancake (kimchijeon), but couldn’t taste the pork and was very doughy:

My favorite Korean dish, rice pinkies (ddeokbokggi):

Marinated beef with vegetables (Yachae Bulgogi):

The bulgogi being cooked, sort of stewed and has clear noodles:

Spicy marinated pork belly (basically bacon):

Separate vegetable plate to wrap up the meat, includes lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, green chilis, and another green vegetable:

Recommended by Ron’s classmate, beef intestine hot pot (gopchang jeongol):

We were already so full but it was very yummy, includes noodles, veggies (too much onions though), and beef intestines. It wasn’t too spicy although it was really red in color.

Free dessert of fruit and a ginger/date cold soup:

It was quite a lot of food for 3 people and we did have leftovers. Our dinner was around $260 total including service charge and GST. I think next time we won’t order so much! But it was a very satisfying meal… I’d love to go back especially for the rice pinkies! and the hot pot!

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