Imperial Treasure Nan Bei at Takashimaya

More eating!

Today we went to Orchard Road and had dim sum at a place called Imperial Treasure Nan Bei. It is different than the first place we went to called Imperial Treasure Teochew but they are both in Takashimaya on different levels. Our flatmate Justine’s friend was visiting from Taiwan so we all went out to lunch together.

We ordered the “regular” types of dim sum and it was all pretty much okay, nothing too spectacular. Although I did enjoy their “nai wong bao” (egg custard bun) which was actually a steamed cake instead of a bun. I think they used salted duck egg in between the layers so the salt mixed with the sweet made it pretty tasty.

Deep fried squid with black & white pepper (although I didn’t really see any pepper)

Rice noodle with chicken (this was sort of unique, I’ve usually only seen shrimp, beef, or BBQ pork)

Ha gao (shrimp dumpling)

Siu mai (pork & shrimp dumpling)

Fried spring rolls (the skin was really crispy… and oily, watch out for zits in the next week)

Turnip cake (made differently than I’m used it, instead of “mashing” the turnips, it was made with strips layered together)

Shanghai dumpling (like xiao long bao but not quite)

Fried pork buns (we sort of ordered incorrectly as we were expecting something else but it was okay anyways)

Nai wong bao (custard egg bun/cake)

Green onion sesame pancake (inside was filled with green onions and the sesame nicely toasted, Justine said she has had better but it was pretty nice)

Afterwards we headed down to basement level 2 of the shopping center to look for some dessert. I ended up buying something called “obanyaki” for breakfast tomorrow. It looks like 2 pancakes stuck together and filled with either red bean, peanuts, custard, blueberry & cheese, and others. I bought the peanut for Ron and the custard for myself.

But we also decided to have some Hokkaido ice cream. Hokkaido is apparently very well known for its dairy products so their ice cream sounds like it should be rich and creamy. Ron and I decided to share a double cone of passion fruit and black sesame. I know a weird combination but they both sounded like the most appetizing flavors at the time.

The server makes the ice cream stand up to a point by first squishing down on the cone then jerking up his hand quickly to form a point. The ice cream seemed pretty soft.

It then comes out looking like this:

The ice cream was actually a bit ice-y for my taste but the flavors were pretty good. The cone itself was kind of soft, not as crispy as I thought it should be. I think it was S$5-6 so that is quite expensive for SG where you can get ice cream on the street for S$1 but then I guess you don’t have the variety of flavors with those street vendors.

After our dessert, Ron and I went to Lucky Plaza across the street to buy a new Wii game. Ron eventually picked out “Mario Party 8” and has currently been playing it all night.

Unfortunately I’ve been studying… which is always no fun… but it’s getting better, not so confusing. It will be another day of studying for me tomorrow before going back to work…

But Thanksgiving is coming so I think we’re going to have to go buy a turkey and rib roast tomorrow… yum!

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