Turkey Day Is Coming

I’m a bit sad that Thanksgiving is coming this week but we won’t be home to celebrate with out family. However, we’re going to make our own dinner here and invite our new friends to enjoy our meal with us. So we thought we’d better go out and buy our turkey so that it could defrost in the refrigerator. It may be bit strange but I think we’re having Thanksgiving on Wednesday instead of Thursday because we don’t have enough time to make the turkey on Thursday… but we’ll see, that is still TBD.

Ron has been researching our winter trip to Korea all day and I’ve been studying all day so we finally decided to take a break to head to the NTUC Fairprice grocery store nearby here on Clementi Rd. My preceptor said that this would be a good place to buy a cheap and large turkey. We’d never been to this grocery store before so thought we’d venture out today.

Our flatmate Justine came with us and we had dinner first at Sumo House. The food sounded pretty cheap, like S$2.90 for a katsudon set meal or S$4.90 for a chicken teriyaki set meal.

Their logo was especially funny:

The service was a bit weird though, when you enter there’s someone at the door kind of blocking the way. Then they direct you to sit down at a table. Then they come take your order. Then they ask you to go pay at the register first. Then you have to go get the hot tea for yourself. We couldn’t understand why you didn’t just select and pay at the counter first before sitting down.

I tried the S$2.90 katsudon which is a fried chicken fillet cooked with egg on top of rice. It was served with miso soup (a bit too salty), picked cucumber, and 2 slices of orange. The dish itself was edible although not fantastic but considering it was less than S$3, I won’t complain too much. I was just hungry.

For some humor, we read the specials of the day. They offered “shishamo” which I usually like because it is filled with fish roe, but after reading the description underneath, it doesn’t sound so appetizing anymore…

Afterwards we did our shopping at NTUC and found our turkey and other ingredients. It’s going to be a challenge to figure out how to cook it, we’re going to have to borrow some oven space from our friends. I have to wait until they get back from their weekend trips… so hopefully they’ll say ‘yes’ tomorrow. I can only cook vegetables (sweet potatoes) and dessert (?peach cobbler) in our mini convection oven.

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