Inchworm and a Porcupine

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Iris is oh so happy with her new inchworm toy. I was ordering other stuff on Amazon and this had high ratings so thought I’d get it for her. Annie says she had fun with it today.

Lately Iris has been able to turn herself from her back to her front. Only rolling on her left side. Her arm used to get stuck but she finally figured out how to free herself so she apparently was doing this all day on the playmat.

Simon’s new hair style for the day: Mr. Porcupine! Ron helped him with his hair this morning. It stayed all day too since it looked exactly the same when I picked him up.

I had a rough commute to pick up Simon today as I got stuck on the short stretch of freeway I usually take then also got stuck on the city streets which were packed. Not sure what was going on but there were way more cars than usual on the road today. Thankfully the drive home was short and I didn’t have to fight through Caldecott Tunnel traffic like I used to especially considering there was an accident near there today. For this I am thankful we moved but still staring at boxes left to unpack. I stayed up until midnight last night and woke up at 4am to feed Iris, pump, and shower. Got back to bed around 5:15am until waking up again at 6am to start the day. I’m going to take the night off from unpacking and get a little more rest.

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