Columbus Day

Monday, October 14, 2013

School is closed today for Columbus Day so I took the day off to watch Simon and also to unpack and clean. I got a lot done but there’s still so much more to do! Our kitchen is mostly tidied up except for a box of small appliances,a box of plastic Tupperware, and kids’ stuff like cups and bottles. I went to Walnut Creek too and collected some stray items but there’s still a few more trips needed to bring it all. Not to mention how many trips it will take to move Ron’s fish tank. Our tenants will officially move in November 1st so we just have a few more weeks!

Our kiddos’ pictures today.

Iris in the jumper this morning. I think purple looks good on her.


Simon enjoying a sugar cookie that he helped me to cut out using our Pixar Cars cutters. He’s eating Mater.


He was a little bored at home today so I hope he’ll be more eager to go to school tomorrow to be able to play with other kids. The rest of the week they have “Fall Camp” instead of actual school so maybe he’ll like it even better without set lesson plans to follow. Guess we will see.

Ouch! My poor sore back… I hope to be done cleaning soon. It feels so much longer than a week since we moved in.

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