Iris, Happy 10 Months!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Iris checking out her “10 Months” sign.

I gave up and removed the Hello Kitty so she could just hold the number part.

Simon’s lunch of grapes, apples, Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, and carrots. We are finally putting good use to all the ketchup packets we collect from various fast food joints. They are easy to stick into his lunch box rather than squeezing ketchup into portable/disposable containers.

At Simon’s school, they are learning about “Seasons” so they’ve been doing various artwork related to it. I think the first one was to determine what the kids thought about each season, the second one are trees, and I’m not sure what the third one is about. When I asked Simon, he says “I cannot tell you”. That is his response when he actually means “I do not remember”.

He seems much more creative than Ron and I. Growing up so fast…

Poor Iris had a fever to 102F this afternoon (using an ear thermometer) and had a runny nose and wet eyes. Annie gave her some acetaminophen so her fever went down and she was able to get some sleep while being held. But poor little girl was exhausted by the time I got home so I took her to have a nice warm bath. Her eyes were still a little watery but the steam helped to clear her nose a little bit. Poor baby girl but “Happy 10 Months!”

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