Iris, Happy 2 Months!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Iris is 2 months old today!

Though, she had quite the fussy day today. Didn’t want to nap or take the bottle. She probably didn’t want to sleep because she slept a lot last night. After Chuck E. Cheese’s, we got home late so she didn’t get to bed until late so was really tired. She slept 6 hours and 40 minutes! Woke up for 20 minutes to nurse and went back to sleep for 2 hours and 30 minutes. But she was still groggy so a bit cranky.

Simon was super energetic today which was perfect for all of his activities today. He went to Lowe’s this morning to build the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story. He actually hit in most of the nails himself (looking closely, you can see the dents from the hammer). He was so proud.


Then we went to Pump It Up in San Francisco for Joshua’s 5th birthday party. He had a good time crawling, jumping, and sliding around with the other kids. Here is Simon (in brown) and Ron (in orange) going down the inflatable slide (on the right).

Then we had dinner with Grandpa Chung, Uncle Henry, and Auntie Betty at Ramen Parlor in San Mateo. We had a bit of a wait, maybe 20 minutes. Iris slept and Simon enjoyed hanging out with Auntie Betty.


Dinner was pretty good. Noodles had a nice chew and broth was very flavorful. I had the spicy crab miso ramen. I wish I ordered another soft shell crab, so delicious!

Ron had the pork tan tan noodles. Beautiful boiled egg on top.

We are all super exhausted after a long day. Both kids fell asleep in the car and both were easily transferred to their beds without a fuss. I am looking forward to a peaceful slumber like Iris.


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