Iris, Happy 3 Months!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It was a two outfit kind of day. One for the morning from Auntie Callie and Uncle Tim.

Iris also had a photo shoot this afternoon at Janie and Jack. They offered a free photo shoot and free 8×10 when I spent more than $75. So I signed up since it was free and coincidentally on Iris’ three month birthday. We won’t see those pictures until September but this was her outfit today.

After the photo shoot, I went to check off an item on my carbohydrate craving list. A sweet almond pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. Iris was exhausted from the photo session and was fast asleep.

Simon’s morning included playing in the backyard and finger painting. He painted long blue trailer trucks with brown wheels. The one on the bottom even had a curved smoke stack. He got a little frustrated while painting since he can’t erase but continued trying even after crying. He loves his trucks!

Today was the perfect weather for swimming. Hot hot hot! Only problem was that there were only boys in class today so they got a little rowdy and weren’t listening closely to the teachers. There is only one girl in the class but it seems calmer when she is around. Here is Simon rushing to me to dry off after class.

Wow, three months! Happy day our little Iris!

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