Iris, Happy 3 Weeks!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Time really goes by fast. I can’t believe Iris is already 3 weeks old! Happy 3 weeks my little baby!


I also can’t believe that Simon is 3 years old and weighs 36 lbs! We spent some time together today drawing pictures, tracing letters, reading, and putting together puzzles. Simon sat in my lap while reading and I didn’t realize how heavy he is now.

Simon and I spent a good amount of time together because Iris slept a lot during the day so I hope that means she is growing. Here is Simon holding a bunch of his plushies. I made the purple dinosaur as a gift for when he visited us in the hospital. He had been asking for a long necked purple dinosaur after seeing one in a book called “Dinosaurs Love Underpants”. Find the pattern here. I just added the scales on the back.

Here is the amigurumi dinosaur by itself.


Something I have been wanting to capture is when Iris sneezes, she makes an “Ahhh” sound afterwards. I was filming her this evening and finally caught a sneeze. Instead of “Ah-choo”, she does “Choo-ahh”.

And yes, you heard it, I almost called her Simon instead of Iris. I have to catch myself at times when talking to Iris. I haven’t started to accidentally call Simon as Iris and I hope that doesn’t happen 😛

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