Tummy Time

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

“Mommy, WHY am I on my tummy? This feels weird.”

We started tummy time a few days ago and Iris didn’t mind much the first day but seems to get a progressively more puzzled look everyday. Maybe it’s just her developing eyes, she’s starting to show off her “Daddy Ron” big eyes. Like her big brother Simon big eyes.


Simon really loves to hang out with his little sister. He just wants to be next to her and touch her hand or head. He also worries when he hears her cry out or whimper, he says “Mei Mei is crying, let me go check on her!” He will wait for one of us to go too but will run quickly upstairs to her room and look to make sure she isn’t hurt or something. He even helped me put away her laundry which is probably a boring task for most 3 year olds but he was very eager to help. Today he also said “I love you, mei mei” and then gave her a kiss on the cheek. *heart melts*


Iris’ baby acne is clearing slowly. They are no longer all white and she has some clear sections on her forehead. I’m so in love with her chubby cheeks.


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