Iris, Happy 8 Months!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday morning, back to school! Mini corn dogs with lettuce, half a banana with clementine, and an uncut long carrot. Simon insisted that I not cut the carrot. He has eaten a whole one before but it usually takes him a while.

Picking up Simon from school today, the teacher gave him this picture to bring home. It is of me and Simon playing ball together. I think the idea was for them to draw their favorite thing about their field trip to Fairyland and he ended up drawing this (even though we did not play ball there). It definitely made me smile though.

Simon very proud of his drawing. Oh, and he loves this shirt! Many thanks to our friends in Finland for sending it during the holidays!

Little busy body Iris playing with her Gymboree cube.

I love this shirt because it has a backside picture of the panda.

Iris is always trying to put everything into her mouth.

“What Mommy? What did I do?”

Simon taking a break on the couch.

I remembered this morning that today is Iris’ 8 month birthday but I totally forgot to take a picture with her little sign… until after she fell asleep. Iris, happy 8 months!

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