Go Niners! Go Hello Kitty!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Iris was a cozy pink little bear last night. A bit too cozy, she was sweating in the middle of the night so that her hair was a bit damp. But so cute!

She changed into her Niners outfit to support our Bay Area team.

We went over to Auntie Betty and Uncle Henry’s place to hang out today and see the rest of the family. Simon also wore his Niners T-shirt.

While Ron, the uncles, and the grandparents watched the Niners game, Betty and I attended a Hello Kitty Blowout Sale at the Holiday Inn in South San Francisco. Everything was 70% off!

It was actually a two day event and apparently we missed a lot of good stuff yesterday but I think we still picked up some good stuff today. I got a lot of little knick knacks that I’ll use for the kids’ birthday party favors plus a lot of miscellaneous stuff. They had lots of stationary, phone charms, decor items, jewelry, nail polish, plushes, some baby items, stamps, posters, pens, pencils. After sorting everything, here is my haul.

Yes, a bit much but there was a long line to pay so as we waited, I kept on accumulating more stuff. It took a while to check-out too because I had so many small items. They have to discount each item individually so it was a bit tedious. We ended up staying until almost 1pm (we got there around 10:30am). Boy, we were tired. I wanted to take a nap like this…

I was glad to have great babysitters so that I could enjoy the sale. Uncle William helped Simon make cupcakes!

Thank you to family for watching the kiddos! Congratulations to the Niners for their win today! Thank you to Betty for letting me drag her along to the sale and waiting forever together! Yay for Hello Kitty! Thank you to those who read my blog! Sorry my posts have been so sporadic and/or plentiful. I think I need some more vitamins for more energy. Or, I need to train Iris to sleep through the night so that I’m not always so tired. Will keep you posted on that…

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