John’s Snack & Deli

After reading about it on SFGate, I’ve been wanting to try the kimchi burrito at John’s Snack and Deli and today I got my chance.

I arrived a bit after 11:30am and was one of two customers. By the time 12pm rolled around, there was a line of at least 8 people. I wasn’t sure what to order besides the kimchi burrito but the owner kindly pointed out the specials sign on the outside window. I decided on 2 kimchi burritos (one for Ron and one for myself) and a kalbi soft taco.

We brought it home to eat since there isn’t anywhere to sit inside.

The soft taco had plenty of meat and some great spicy pickled turnips and kimchi on top. It was a bit weird on a corn tortilla though. Still quite tasty.

Next I dug into the burrito which had lots of meat, greens, kimchi, rice, some cheese, and that delicious Korean spicy sauce. It was still a bit weird to be eating a burrito that didn’t taste Mexican but I know I’m going to be craving this again.

The place has specials each day and can be found on their website at the beginning of the week. Today was soft tofu stew day and the wait time was up to 30 minutes (and customers were willing to wait in that little store). This Friday is my favorite Korean dish, rice cakes, aka rice pinkies… may have to go back for more.

Parking there is difficult but it’d be worth the trip by public transportation or if you work around the area. The owner is really friendly and efficient in taking your order and phone orders.

I still have 1/3 of my burrito to enjoy tomorrow… yum, can hardly wait. I also want to go back to try their spicy pork soft taco, spam kim bap (Korean sushi), bim bi bap, and ramen… sometimes I wish I could eat more.

John’s Snack and Deli

40 Battery Street

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