Kauai Day Five

Day 233

I’m always entertained when I see Simon’s sleeping position during the night.

This morning Ron went for some scuba so Simon and I stuck around the hotel and went to the pool. We stayed in the kiddie pool for about an hour before Simon got a little tired and went back to the room. Isn’t he a cutie?

Ron brought home some food from Dani’s Restaurant. Here is the deep fried seafood platter (mahi mahi and scallops) with fries and mac salad.

Kalua pork with rice and mac salad and a small side of lomi lomi salmon.

After our lunch, we all decided to take a long afternoon nap, including Simon.

When we finally woke up from our naps, we went to the Koloa Rum Company Tasting Room. They offer a tasting every 30 minutes (on the hour and on the half-hour) but no children are allowed in the tasting room itself (so Ron and I had to switch off). Each person is only allowed 1 oz total of rum. They are very strict, likely because the state laws are very tough. But it is a short and sweet presentation and they also offer their chocolate rum sauce and rum cake at the end of the tasting. Here we mixed our dark and gold rums with their mai tai mix. It’s pretty potent stuff.

We did not end up buying any rum but did buy a small rum cake and some buttered rum flavored coffee.

After the tasting, we went to find dinner and ended up at Mark’s Place. Open Monday through Friday 10am-8pm. Closed weekends.

Simon waiting anxiously for our dinner.

We ordered the famous mix plate with chicken katsu, beef teriyaki, and beef stew served with rice, chow mein, and mac salad. Very yummy.

Also, we had the loco moco (mini serving without the salad). Sauce was delicious.

Plus 2 freshly made SPAM musubi for tomorrow.

Simon is resourceful in using us to help him stand up.

He is also slowly getting better at crawling on all fours.

Here he is moving a few feet. Notice how his ankles and legs cross each other? Not sure why he does that but that is also how he “walks” sometimes when we are helping him stand up. It seems like it slows him down (which may be a good thing)… maybe something he’ll grow out of.

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