Kauai Day Six

Day 234

Comfortably sleeping.

We decided to check out some waterfalls today. Here is Wailua Falls on East Shore.

We also went to Lydgate State Park. There is a playground there that is good for kids (probably older than Simon). Ron took Simon down on a few slides.

Then we went on the swings. Simon didn’t know what to make of it.

At the beach nearby, we found a hen and her little chicks relaxing underneath the shade.

We got Simon changed into his swimming trunks and rash guard and let him check out the water. The park has a protected alcove that is great for kids since it is surrounded by rocks so the waves don’t hit the shore full force.

Simon and daddy splashing in the water.

For lunch, we went to Duane’s Ono Char Burger.

Although it was a bit of a wait, their burgers are really good. Great fillings, not really special beef. This is the Duane’s Special (thousand island, pickles, onions, sprouts, cheddar & swiss cheese). I love it that they cut the burger in half for you, easier to eat.

This is the Local Boy (teriyaki sauce, pineapple, cheddar cheese). Sweet and savory. The beef isn’t marinated though, just slathered with sauce.

Deliciously crunchy onion rings and their special salt seasoning.

Then we stopped by Opaeka’a Falls.

and the Wailua River.

Simon seems to like the warm weather so that he doesn’t have to wear clothes, just a diaper.

But also keep warm bundled up in his blankie from home.

We went to the pool in the early evening to let Simon have some more splash time. He still doesn’t seem too sure about the floater.

After the pool, we walked down the beach to Duke’s Canoe Club which is right next to our hotel. We were seated downstairs near the koi pond. Even though we were seated in the bar area, the full restaurant menu is available (which is upstairs) including the salad bar.

Our drinks for the night.

Fried calamari with guava ketchup. Cooked well, not tough, and great sauce.

Macadamia nut pesto seafood fettucine. Yummy but couldn’t finish it all. I liked the pesto with macadamia nuts instead of pine nuts.

Ron had the half huli huli chicken and half rack of ribs. We weren’t sure what huli huli chicken was but it wasn’t bad but also did not seem unique.

As we left dinner, it started drizzling a bit but we were able to avoid getting soaked since our hotel was right next door. We spent the rest of the evening inside our room, entertained by Simon. Simon has somehow learned how to shake his head side to side, like saying “no” and he mimics us (sometimes) when we shake our head side to side. We tried to teach him “yes” by shaking up and down but he just laughs at us and shakes side to side.

In order to tire him out some more before bedtime, we were throwing his jingle ball back and forth and having him “kick” at it. For some reason, he loved it and was laughing like crazy.

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