Kauai Day Two

Day 230

After our long day of flying yesterday, we decided to take it easy today and stay around our hotel and check out the pool. Simon was up early this morning though since he still thinks we’re in California. He actually got up several times this morning and didn’t want to go back to sleep even though it was still dark. It will be hard the next few days while he readjusts (IF he readjusts).

Peacefully sleeping…

Then wide eyed and awake at 4:45am HST (7:45am PST)…

He eventually went back to sleep after 1.5 hours so I could go back to sleep then woke up wanting to eat so I fed him some breakfast of his favorite prunes and a bit of pureed banana. He will eat purees if you intermingle spoonfuls with his favorite puff snacks.

After breakfast, Simon had a change of clothes and had some quiet time to play in his crib. He seems to like this crib as he has discovered how to stand up!

Here he is in action going from sitting to standing by using the crib rails.

Kind of like in jail.

Ron and I needed to get breakfast ourselves so we walked around the back of the hotel then across the street to Market Street Diner. Along the way, we checked out the weather forecast.

I had spam with 2 eggs sunny side up, wheat toast, and hash. Standard fare.

Ron had the loco moco with 2 eggs over easy. The beef was a little over charred and the gravy lacked flavor.

On our walk back, Simon konked out and napped for a bit in his stroller. I had a nap too.

After he woke up, he and Ron had a conversation which Simon found really funny. Maybe he thought daddy was silly trying to speak baby language.

While Simon waited for us to decide what to do for lunch, he had a snack. He had his first cookie.

And made a big mess of himself so that he needed a change of clothes afterwards…

So instead, we decided we should just go to the pool and splash around. We started in the 0.5 ft pool to get him used to the water then Ron blew up his inflatable toy to let him float around in the big pool.

He didn’t like the inflatable toy much so instead we held him for a bit and let him splash around.

But then he got fussy and started to rub his eyes so we assumed he wanted to go back and take another nap. After a shower and change of clothes, he was wide awake again wanting to play. Ron put him “in jail” for a bit so that we could decide what we wanted to do.

We decided to go out to have lunch ourselves so walked to our car. There was a beautiful hibiscus plant right near our car.

As we drove to Pho Kauai, of course Simon decides to finally take a nap.

Ron had the pho.

I had an avocado shake with pearls. Although I’m pretty sure this is powder avocado flavoring, lots of ice and milky flavor instead of rich creamy avocado. Pearls weren’t bad though.

Plus the vermicelli with grilled pork and egg rolls. Best part were the egg rolls.

After lunch, we did a bit of driving which included driving through the famous Eucalyptus Tree Tunnel.

We just did a bit of walking around before heading back to our hotel. In the next few days, I hope we can hit a farmers’ market for some fresh fruits as we passed by a papaya tree that I wished had ripe fruits..

We didn’t really know what to do for dinner so asked a local and she recommended take-out from Garden Island Barbeque and Chinese Restaurant. We were intrigued by the name but the food ended up not being very good. We had the lemon chicken with teri beef combo and the crispy chicken.

It was “meh”, edible but probably not a place we would eat again. At least we still have another 5 day to find some better grub.

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