We had dinner at Kokkari sponsored by Merck, the speaker was HOPA’s past president, Jim Koeller. He was an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker. We enjoyed an excellent dinner during his talk.

Pikilia – Greek spreads of melitzanosalata, tzatziki, & taramosalata served with dolmathes & pita bread. The spreads were flavorful and very smooth.

Spanakotiropita – traditional filo pies of spinach, feta, leeks, & dill. The crust was oh so flakey…

Horiatiki – “classic Greek salad” of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, oregano, olives & feta. Very refreshing.

Patates sto Furno – oven roasted potato with oregano & lemon.

Horta – braised wild greens with lemon.

Arnisia Paidakia – lamb chops with lemon & oregano.

Kotopoulo Souvlas – grilled, yogurt-marinated chicken skewer with peppers & onions.

Thalasina – pan roasted fillet of white fish with olive tapenade.

Sokolatina – flourless dark chocolate cake
Baklava – traditional walnut & honey baklava with vanilla ice cream

The items of the menu are a mouthful to say but were a wonderful mouthful to eat.

200 Jackson Street (at Front)

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