Korea House and SFSPCA Macy’s Window

We had dinner at Korea House in Japantown. I think we’ve been there before because the place looks familiar but it’s probably been many years. It was only 5pm so the place was pretty empty. We were a bit shocked by the price of the food.

Everything comes with rice, side dishes, and tea.
Sorry for the blurry picture of the side dishes, I must have moved my hand while I snapped it.

Their best side dishes were the kimchi, bean sprouts, fish cake, potatoes and turnips.

We ordered the bulgolgi ($19.95) which came out already cooked. You have to order 2 or more barbeque dishes to cook at your table. It had a really nice flavor (strong in sesame & sweet) and very tender.

Also, we got the soon dubu with pork ($12.95) because it was a cold day and we wanted something bubbling hot. It came over super hot and the broth was delicious. Tons of tofu and large pieces of pork. Ron guesses the broth has lots of finely chopped garlic because the broth was very flavorful.

After we got home I went for a walk downtown. My NP encouraged me to walk at least 30 minutes after dinner every day so I started yesterday. I make an effort to pass by Macy’s so that I have something to look forward to during my walk. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. If I see cute animals like this every evening, I’m sure I can keep at it.

A tired puppy taking a nap.

A regal looking kitty taking a rest in the back next to its litter box.

It was a chilly evening but a good walk. I had to wear a jacket of Ron’s because I can no longer button or zip any of my own jackets…

Korea House
1620 Post Street

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