Korean Dinner and Rock Band 2

Our friend Susan invited us over for a homemade Korean dinner. She’s been so busy with work and school that we hardly see her so she wanted to have dinner and hang out. She picked up all the ingredients from a Korean supermarket in Daly City, I’m assuming it’s Kukje Super Market on Junipero Serra Blvd. She made us duk bok ki (the Korean rice cake stir fried with kimchi, pork, fish cake, and spicy sauce.) For appetizers we had edamame and kim bap (Korean sushi, sesame oil instead of rice wine in the rice). Both were pretty good.

We also had kalbi and bulgolgi, both premarinated from the supermarket. The kalbi (ribs) were really good but the bulgolgi (marinated thinly sliced beef) ended up being too tough, all the meat juices oozed off the broiling pan and pooled at the bottom so the meat got really dry.

Susan’s fiance Ken brought over his Playstation and a game called Rock Band 2. They were already playing before dinner and couldn’t want to play some more after dinner.

At first, I was a little bit afraid to play it but after a while it got quite fun. The game has four instruments, the drums, guitar, bass guitar, and a vocalist. I tried the drums which were really hard considering there are four drums plus a foot petal and the guitar was even harder with many buttons and sticks to press… I’m not very coordinated! So I stuck with singing and if you know me, this is a big feat for me. The game only listens to pitch so you could be saying as much nonsense as you want or just keep on saying “la la la laaa” depending on the length of each tone. Sometimes the words would be going by so fast that I couldn’t catch up so just said “blahblah blaaah blah” etc. Quite hilarious I must say. Ron had a good time with the drums, it makes you feel like you’re a real drummer although you’re probably really hitting a lot of nonsense.

Susan’s sister Sally’s stage name was “Salicious”.

My stage name was “Juicy”.

It was a good way to burn some calories as the drums and guitar require a lot of movement and you’re also very tense when playing because you want to hit each note just right. With the singing, I just had a really dry throat and exercising my diaphragm with the long notes.

I think Ron is considering getting the game for our Wii… except then we’d need to buy all the accessories… yikes!

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