KTV and more steamboat

This afternoon we went to KTV with our friends Alex and Joyce. We went to K Box on Orchard Rd in Cineleisure. I actually don’t enjoy KTV because I have a terrible voice but Ron enjoys singing and if he’s familiar with the song, can sing pretty well. But, the rest of the group was beyond amazing… they should all quit their real jobs and go sing instead 🙂

Alex singing his heart out (in Cantonese and Mandarin!)

Ron having an “emotional” moment:

After 4 hours of singing (about $25 per person, kind of expensive because of GST and service fees), we went to Chinatown to have steamboat with another group of friends. The name of the place was Golden Viva on Mosque St. The cost for steamboat was $18.80 per person and it was for individual steamboat pots and all you can eat. You order the dishes and they bring it to your table rather than having buffet style.

This is the type of fuel they use for heating our steamboats:

This is the spicy steamboat… it was very very spicy and I don’t recommend it unless you like the tingling type of spice that doesn’t go away easily 😛 I thought I could handle it but ended up scooping a lot of the spicy oil out.

To help with neutralizing the spice, we tried some Beijing beer:

Chinatown was very festively decorated for the Chinese New Year:

Year of the Rat:

The week will be short because of the 2 days we have off on Thurs and Fri for CNY and Weds is a half-day so we get off at 1:30pm. It’ll be interesting since this is the first time that I’ll spend the CNY in an Asian country.

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