Kukje Market – The Restaurant

We spent Valentine’s Day at Babies R Us checking out the new baby strollers and adding last minute things onto our baby registry. Afterwards we decided to have lunch at the restaurant inside Kukje Market. We heard the tofu soup was really good.

Of the appetizers, the seaweed and squid/cuttlefish was really good. They kindly refilled all of them too.

We ordered the kalbi, meat was very tender. On weekends, the serving size is the “dinner” size even for lunch so a bit more expensive.

The seafood tofu soup. Ron is putting the egg in it. You can choose how spicy and we chose hot. Lots of clams and a few shrimps. The heat was just right, we love spicy food.

We picked up some supplies at the market to last us for a week or two but will have to do some more shopping before the baby comes because I’m not sure how often we’ll be going out once he’s here.

Kukje Market – The Restaurant

2350 Junipero Serra Blvd

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