Kung Fu Panda and BBQ

We went to catch Kung Fu Panda at Golden Village at Jurong Point. Beforehand, we had a bite to eat a Crepe House. A bit expensive (~$7) and had way too much mayo. But we were hungry and didn’t know what else there was to eat…

We should’ve just waited for the popcorn before the movie… Kung Fu Panda was cool!


Man, I want to see it again! So funny…

We did a bit at the Fairprice in the basement and also bought some yummy egg tarts. I’ve never seen these tarts in this shape.

After buying a few more things, we went home to have a BBQ. Ron got this nice piece of striploin from his classmate that we were going to BBQ up.

Doesn’t it look good?

We had some BBQ corn, BBQ sweet potatoes, and some fresh fruits.

The white fruit is called “salak”. When we were in Bali, there was a welcoming fruit platter and I tried to eat this fruit with a snakeskin like covering. The fruit itself was really hard so I thought it was raw so didn’t eat it. I asked my Indonesia co-worker this past week and she said it’s supposed to be like that, hard and white. So at Fairprice, I bought two to try. It’s actually quite good, it has a unique taste, sweet and a bit flowery.

We had a good meal and packed up everything before heading over to visit another group BBQ’ing near the pool. On the way back, we discovered a cat that dragged our remaining piece of meat the the ground. We scared away the cat and recovered our meat.

Hilarious way to end the night 🙂

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