Al-Hamra Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine

We wanted something different for lunch today so we headed to Holland Village to try Al-Hamra. It ended up being quite an expensive lunch.

They serve a cold platter of pickled vegetables and olives. The olives were a breathe of fresh air, something I hadn’t had in a long time, but the vegetables were a bit too sour for me.

The hummus was nice and smooth. Although it’s not served with anything so you have to order bread separately. The hummus itself was $10.50

The bread we ordered had herbs and sesame seeds. The toasted sesame seeds made the bread really good. It’s called markouk bread on the receipt. It was $3

For the main we ordered Sheesh Taouk which is a chicken kabob of sorts. It’s amazing to us how moist the chicken meat still was.

It was served with garlic sauce, chili sauce, and BBQ sauce. The garlic sauce is a bit like mayo. The chili sauce is very sour. The BBQ sauce is a bit like thousand island dressing.

It was a filling meal but a bit expensive for lunch, $49 for 2 persons. Ron says they have lunch specials during the weekdays so that’d probably be more worth it.

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