Lawrence Hall of Science

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iris woke up at 3:40am, so almost another 6 hours. I let her try to fall asleep on her own but ended up having to comfort her a few times before she fell asleep again at 4:10am. She woke up again at 4:25am, I went to her at 4:35am, she fell asleep again at 4:45am, woke up at 6:09am but put herself back to sleep, and woke up completely at 7:10am. Seems like things are going well so far.

She does seem a little more energetic in the morning (or maybe I’m just thinking that to make myself feel better about her “crying it out” at night)… this little girl loves the toy shopping cart, a girl after my own heart 🙂

Today Simon had a play date with one of his classmates since they mentioned to us yesterday a car building activity using Legos at Lawrence Hall of Science. They provide a motor and Legos for you to build a car to race. But I think the Dads had more fun than the kids for building the car with the motor. The kids just built other things with the Legos. The exhibit was only until the end of March so this was our last chance to go since we are busy next weekend.

Grandpa Chung came out to spend the day with us so with Iris, we explored other parts of the the Lawrence Hall. There is a baby-toddler area where Iris could explore.

That is, before she fell asleep but I still took her around to see the beautiful view and check out the new bug exhibit. Simon was scared of these larger than life bugs, the butterfly was pretty but the spiders and praying mantis were pretty scary.

Simon in other parts of the museum, the whale near the entrance, and with Grandpa Chung at the fountain.

Check out the kids’ new headpieces.

Sleep training night #3: Iris in bed by 8:22pm and fell asleep at 8:46pm. She woke up at 10:25pm and back to sleep by 11pm. Not off to a good start.

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