Bouncer Birthday Party

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So amazingly, Iris slept for 6 hours before waking up again around 4am. She had a little trouble getting back to sleep but I did the same thing, going back in intervals until she fell asleep again. I heard her whimper a bit around 7am but she put herself back to sleep in less than a minute and slept until 8:30am! I think this is the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. Other than the stress of hearing her cry 🙁

But after long night, Iris was hungry. She is finally completely well and eating well again. She likes her yogurt with pureed fruit.
Iris makes this face (a smile?) sometimes when I pick up the camera and take a picture of her.

Simon’s classmate invited him to a birthday party at Pump It Up. Basically an indoor facility with inflatable jumpers and slides. The kids used a lot of energy bouncing in the houses, sliding down the slides, running through obstacle courses, playing on the lifesize piano, and lots of screaming fun.

At pizza time they had a face painter and Simon asked to be a zebra… but it kind of ended up looking like a skunk.
photo 4(2)

Iris did a little bouncing too but was a little scared because of the instability. She enjoyed watching everyone run around. But she preferred to play with her toys at home.

Simon couldn’t fall asleep after the party but decided he was tired right before dinnertime so he lay down to “rest” but fell completely and totally asleep. He almost didn’t wake up to eat dinner at all.

Sleep Training Night #2: I put Iris into bed at 9:26pm, comforted her at 9:32pm, and by 9:44pm, she was asleep. Let’s see how the rest of the night will be.

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