Leaving Kauai, Heading Home

Day 236

It was time to say farewell to Kauai. Thank you for the pleasant accommodations at the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club (thank you to the Chens for trading with us!).

One more breakfast stop at Kalapaki Beach Hut (aka Kalapaki Burgers). Ron had the delicious breakfast sandwich with Portuguese sausage, fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo.

I had the pancake sandwich. Not much of a sandwich, just 2 pancakes, bacon, 2 eggs. I should have ordered the special which was just 1 pancake, 1 egg, bacon or sausage + coffee for $5. The pancakes were nice and fluffy and piping hot but I could only eat one…

We had trouble again last night checking into our flight so I ended up calling customer service to find out why. It seems like interisland flights on Hawaiian do not have assigned seats until you check-in at the counter so you are not allowed to check-in online. Seems inconvenient considering if you travel on to the mainland, you are likely to check bags and the fee with web check-in is $23 per person for the 1st bag but $25 per person at the counter. Most of us want to save money when we can. But the customer service person helped me by putting a notation that they should only charge me $23 per bag since the web check-in wouldn’t work for me. When we got to the counter at the airport though, she was going to charge me $25 so I had to ask her to look thoroughly in the notes to find it. Kind of a hassle but it all worked out and we got safely from Kauai to Oahu then from Oahu to SF. Here is Simon waiting for take-off from Honolulu.

Next time, no more connecting flights. It’s worth it for a non-stop flight with a baby. Poor guy gets bored in the plane and got a little fussy. He slept on the short flight from Kauai to Honolulu for about 30 minutes then almost 2 hours on the flight to SF but got really bored the last 2 hours of the flight. I went to the back of the plane for a bit to keep him entertained but the last 30 minutes, we ended up letting him watch a Baby Einstein video on Ron’s iPad.

Good to be back home. Back to work tomorrow.

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