Sephora Baby and Gap Casting Call

Day 237

Surprisingly Simon slept pretty well last night. We are afraid that he would be jet lagged and wake up during the night instead of sleeping through the night. But he was fine and ready to get back to his life before Hawaii. He has been trying to stand up using anything in his vicinity. In this case, a bar stool.

Plus daddy rearranged his toys so it’s safer and more easily accessible for Simon to stand up.

Sephora need a baby model? He tried to climb over this box but instead pushed it while trying to crawl on top of it.

Simon amazed me today by eating a lot of dinner tonight. He ate an entire 1/2 of an avocado (although a small one, it was still a lot in my book) and a big slice of a white peach. I hope this means he enjoys eating again!

Also, we entered Simon into the Gap Casting Call to see if he could become a baby model! There are two contests, one is for the children that will chosen to be in Gap ads (voting done later) and the Fan Favorite. Although the #1 Fan Favorite right now has >50K votes, please vote for Simon once a day through November 14th to make him a contender in the contest. There’s a lot of tough competition but it doesn’t hurt to try and we’ll always wonder if we didn’t try. Simon says “thanks for voting for me!”

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