Legoland California

Sunday, November 3, 2013

As a treat for the weekend, we decided to visit Legoland and stay at their hotel for one night. In the morning, I slept in for a little while Ron played with the kids.

Then we went off to drive to Carlsbad. With the end of Daylight Savings, I think Iris’ schedule was a bit out of sync since she fell asleep in her carseat while still holding on to her toys.

We arrived at the hotel and did a preliminary check-in. There was a Lego concierge attendant and a cool Lego pit for the kids.

Our room wasn’t ready yet so we just left our luggage with the bell hop and the front desk would call me when our keys were ready. So we went to explore Legoland!

Simon was beaming and happily took pictures with the awesome Lego models throughout the park. Here is a camera touting tourist.

RTD2 and Chewbacca.

Darth Vader.
photo 3

A Star Wars pilot.
photo 4

Plus there were all the rides. Simon is now 40 inches tall! He still rode on most of the rides with Ron and was a little scared at first. Eventually he overcame his fears and enjoyed all the different rides.

We had a kids meals for lunch: chicken strips, hot dogs, fries, juice packs, and raisins. Plus various snacks like these delicious apple fries.


Ron took Simon around the rest of the park. Simon thinking.
photo 1

Simon as a knight on a horse.
photo 5

Simon driving.
photo 2

Sometime after lunch, our room was ready so I took Iris back for a nap while Ron and Simon continued to explore. To me, the room was pretty awesome. The kids have their own sleep area and the bathroom is kid friendly. The toilet has the special cover with an adaptor for kids and even has a step stool so the can get up to wash hands.

Here is the kids’ “room”.


The bathroom.



The parents’ “room”.


All the awesome Lego models throughout the room. The Lego person head is actually just the ice bucket. Underneath the frog is a treasure chest. There is a mini scavenger hunt to unlock the code for the lock and there are a few gifts inside for the kids.








The door has a mini viewer for the kids too.


Iris taking a nap. Although she had a hard time with all the hallway noises. She eventually slept three 15 minute naps.

After her naps, we went to meet up with Ron and Simon. They were mostly already through the park so I didn’t get to see the rest but met up with them in the Duplo section. Simon loves tow trucks!

We had a late afternoon snack of ramen.

And a few more pictures with some Lego models. A lion.
photo 3

An elephant.
photo 4

A dinosaur.
photo 5

Then shopping at the Lego store. Iris trying on some kittyfied sunglasses.

Then a pre dinner treat of soft serve. Mine is green apple, Simon’s is chocolate and Ron’s is raspberry. Iris looks like she really wants some.
photo 1

Our family with a Lego pirate. An awesome idea for Halloween costumes for next year.

Ron with a Lego knight.
photo 2

A totally tiring but fun day. Simon had two big temper tantrums during the day probably from being overtired and not wanting to nap. The park only opens until 5pm so we wanted to make sure to see all of it before they closed. But he missed his afternoon nap so was very fussy in the evening and didn’t want to do what we asked. After a good night’s rest, we should all go back to normal.

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