Road Trip to Southern California

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We headed out around 6am for the long drive to Long Beach, CA. Our first long road trip with Iris. We had to get there by 2pm for our friend’s wedding ceremony in the Queen Mary. We had to wake up the kids early so they were tired but at least we had a beautiful sunrise.

Iris napped very well and drank from the bottle well during the trip.

Simon was a little bored and a little tired but didn’t nap much. What did parents do before the iPad? Playing games and watching videos kept him entertained. But at the beginning of the trip, he wasn’t quite awake yet so wasn’t in the mood for playing, just chillin’.

We barely made it in time for the 2pm scheduled start of the ceremony. We hit some traffic and had to checkin to our hotel to change clothes and to have lunch. The ceremony ended up being delayed because some guests were stranded at their airports or delayed at LAX due to the shooting there on Friday. So we didn’t miss a thing and watched to short but sweet ceremony. Iris attended her first wedding!
Simon trying on Iris’ hat.

Afterwards, we explored a bit of the Queen Mary. They have these old style telephone booths on board.

Simon posing for a picture on deck.

Our family.

The Queen Mary.

The dinner banquet was in Cerritos so we decided to drive there. Iris napped while Simon and Ron explored the shopping plaza where the restaurant was located. They ran into Minnie Mouse!

The happy newlywed Lisa and Will!

Silly Simon squeezing between the chairs.

We had a lot of babies at our table who all were getting tired by the end of the dinner. Parents with their Ergobaby carriers.

It was worth the long drive to see our friends get happily married and to see my UOP classmates. So we had a mini reunion, it’s been 10 years since graduation!

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