Let’s go to a Masquerade Ball

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Iris is in the mood where she prefers to move about on her own rather than being held ALL the time. She was wriggling to get out of my arms this morning so that she could try standing with support.

Simon had a better rest last night so wanted to go to school today. For lunch he had chicken nuggets, carrots, a fruit salad of mango, strawberries, and blueberries and two gummi bears. He almost finished everything except for a carrot. I was actually surprised he ate all the blueberries since he doesn’t usually request them but he recently said he liked them again. They used to be his favorite when he was a baby.

In the evening, Simon and Iris played with Duplos. Iris really just wanted to knock down everything we were building. I built a house and Simon built our cars, the sun, and all of us (Mommy, Daddy, Simon, Iris, and Annie). He even made us different heights like we are in real life.

Happy or Sad?

Happy! Let’s go to a masquerade ball!

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