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Day 284

My little Hunk, dressed and ready to start the day! Simon has been wearing the same onesie since Thursday afternoon so he was due for a bath and change of clothes. I was surprised he hadn’t managed to dirty himself from eating for more than a day and a half. He usually spills or smooshes some of his food somewhere on this clothes so we end up changing him often.

Simon played with daddy for a few minutes this morning before we started our day.

Simon had a good morning nap so had a good time at Gymboree this afternoon. He spent a lot of time laughing and playing nicely with the other kids. There were some things we couldn’t do today though since some of the setups require two parents. For example, there was the soft fabric tunnel placed on top of an elevated curvy walkway. If I tried to leave Simon at the entry and run to the exit to coax him down, he might have fallen over the edge. Another parent helped me with him to go through it once but she also had her own daughter there so didn’t want to impose further. But I think he still had a good time and he was exhausted since when I tried to feed him lunch after class, he just kept on rubbing his eyes and ear and wanted to go to sleep. So we drove to our next destination, a 1-year-old’s birthday party in San Ramon. The party was fun for Simon to use up his energy and play with some other kids’ toys and crawl around on a plushy carpet. The only thing not fun about the day was the traffic. I must have had bad luck because on the way there, I got stuck at the Caldecott Tunnel because of a policeman stopping a truck in the middle bore so reduced lanes and rubbernecking made traffic slow. Then on the way back, I got stuck at the tunnel again since the 2 left lanes were closed then I got stuck getting to the Bay Bridge because there was another car accident, 3 cars damaged and 2 police cars were on the scene… then the bridge itself was packed! Thank goodness for Fastrak! That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in the East Bay: the traffic into SF (on unlucky days like today).

So it took me about 2 hours to get home but dinner was waiting for me and good dinner conversation. Simon seemed to be responding to me when I said “na na”, he would say “da da”. I wanted to laugh but also didn’t want to discourage him since I notice if I laughed a little bit, he’d stop. I am exhausted at dinner but hearing how excited he is made me smile.

Still waiting patiently for him to say “ma ma”.

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