Let’s stand up

Day 323 = January 19, 2011

Momma, let me show you my new skill. Watch me, okay?

I want to get my green plastic ball on top of my dresser.

Then I can stand up for a few seconds all by myself!

Then I will slowly squat to sit down again.

Simon is getting stronger and less scared about standing up by himself but he has not taken a “step” yet while standing up.

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty humidifier in his room. It helps for nighttime cold and dry weather and for his stuffy nose. Although it went kaput a few days ago, it still produces cool mist but the fan stopped working so now it no longer comes out of the humidifier. We need to buy a new one but not sure which one to get. I want to find one that lets you direct the mist, this one just shoots the mist upwards so it has to be right next to Simon’s bed. It seems like since it hasn’t been working, his nose has been stuffed up more and he has dry boogers in the morning. I’ll have to do some more research unless anyone has a recommendation?

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