Letter to Santa

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today I just baked up some mini corn dogs for Simon’s lunch. He also had baby carrots, a clementine, strawberries, Ritz crackers (per his request), fruit snacks, and half a cookie leftover from Daddy’s lunch.


In the evening, Simon worked on his letter to Santa. Here he is writing “DEAR SANTA”.


While Simon worked on his letter, Iris played with the Gymboree cube. She loved spinning all the beads and blocks.



Completed letter. Simon wrote most of the letters himself! He used a glue stick to put all the things he cut out of the ads from the weekend. He wrote “DEAR SANTA” and “SIMON”. I’m amazed that he can pretty much write his own name and now is brave enough to at least try. Usually he says “I can’t do it”, “I want you to help me”, or “I don’t know how”. We will help him but he did most of this by himself. Again, so proud!


Simon headband/hat that Daddy tied for him. Silly boys.



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